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FAQ - Updated 16April

Mulder says the truth is out there and... And we're not cheesy enough to finish that sentence, that's what.

1. Who are you?

Bitter and disappointed XF fans who watched the fandom shrivel up and blow away long before the show had even ended. Although, to be honest, we weren't all that sad to see most of it go. As with a lot of fandoms, there was a hell of a lot of chaff to go with all that pornwheat. The problem was that it wasn't just the chaff that blew away....

More to the point: we are XF fans who wanted to jump-start an X-Files Fandom Renaissance! We may also be a bit over-invested.

2. Uh, okay. When's the viewing party?

The next viewing party is on Sunday, 22 April, at 8pm EST for Squeeze. A second viewing party, for Conduit will begin at 10pm EST that night. More viewing parties will be arranged for the coming weeks as we make our way through the series.

3. What am I supposed to do at this thing?

All you gotta do is show up, baby! It's an anonymous party, so just grab a copy of the episode* and come over to Cancerman's house and jump in. Start a thread on whatever you want to talk about, jump into someone else's thread... Do whatever feels right! It can be a little chaotic your first time, but don't hesitate to ask for help (or a time-stamp/scene description if you get a little lost). We keep the rabid fans out in the back yard.

*If you need assistance in finding a copy of the episode, please email one of the mods.

3a. What should I expect at this party?

We're going to give it to you straight: you're going to see a lot of flailing at each other about
  • how hot Mulder is
  • how hot Scully is
  • how bad Scully's clothes are
  • how much we want to read fic that doesn't suck

    You're also going to see a lot of capslocking and bizarre abbreviations, as most of the people who attend the viewing parties started out doing them on an anonymous, capslock-friendly JournalFen community. Don't let that scare you off, though. These viewing parties are chockablock with XF fans who are excited about finally getting to hang out with like-minded (and not-so-like-minded) folks.

    4. ...and then we'll have a post-ep challenge?

    Right you are, Ken! After the viewing party, drop back in here to see what we've cooked up. Any- and everyone is invited to take part - you don't even have to be a member of the comm. (We'd be delighted to have you join, though. Just FYI.) Challenges will run for about a week after each viewing party, but you can post your stories at any time. Make sure you tag it with the appropriate challenge, rating and season tags.

    Any other fic you post to the comm should be tagged with both rating and season tags. We will go through and tag your fic with your author-name after it is posted. If you plan to write multi-chapter fics (and, oh man, please do), email one of us at the address listed on the userinfo page and let us know so we can set up a new tag for you.

    5. So what kinds of fic are allowed here?

    Anything you want to write! We're hoping to see fic that runs the gamut from gen to smut, featuring any character(s) you choose. We're not putting any restrictions on ratings or content, but we do ask that you put all stories behind an lj-cut and that you include an appropriate warning for anything you wouldn't want your boss to catch you reading at work (e.g., NC17 or NSFW, incest, graphic torture, &c.).

    To make things a little easier for those reading, please use the following header for your fic:

    6. Is it all right to pimp this place to my flist/comms/random strangers on the street?


    Um, that is: please do. The more the merrier!

    7. So. About these challenges. Can I tell you this idea I had?

    ABSOLUTELY. We have a couple of things lined up, but all of our brainstorming sessions have devolved into complex discussions of Mulder's hair (lol), Scully's horrible pantsuits (fire that wardrobe director!) and when it was we first knew that Mulder and Scully were the greatest duo in the history of everything ever ("Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?" "*eyebrow*").

    8. All right, one last question: what's the deal with Scully's baby? Alien? Not alien? Mulder's?

    ...we have watched every single episode and all we can say is: no freaking clue. D:
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    Apr. 18th, 2007 07:14 am (UTC)
    This might be an odd question, but why isn't the viewing party happening over here?
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