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April 22nd, 2007

Discussion Post: Squeeze and Conduit

Have at it! How much of a dick is Colton, anyway? What about Mulder - manipulative bastard or garden-variety harmless douche? Will Scully ever have a decent suit?

And don't forget to get your challenge fics in! This week's challenges will go up after the 10pm viewing party for Conduit.

Challenge: Squeeze and Conduit

It's writer's choice this week! You can choose from one of the following two prompts, and as with all other xf_redux challenges, it can be combined with the previous prompts or used alone.

The Squeeze prompt:
Tooms is the first true monster of the week and thank God for him (even if we do still have to check the vents before we sit down in our offices late at night). But, what is the deal with the hibernating for thirty years between liver sprees? And why the nest? Where the hell did he come from anyway? Write anything you want, as long as it fits into the episode somewhere and answers a burning question you have (that isn't explained by Tooms, obvs).

The Conduit prompt:
Scully clearly has a bit of a soft spot for Mulder and his tales of woe. Why?

As always, if you have questions:

- check the FAQ
- email the mods
- pop into the discussion posts
- ask in the comments here!

And, please let us know if you're willing to volunteer as a beta for any of the xf_redux writers... or if you have challenge ideas!

Apr. 22nd, 2007

I am here with fic! It is not challenge fic, but it is viewing party fic.

The Little Things
Author[s]: Sam (</a></b></a>veils)
Character[s]: Scully POV.  Mentions of Mulder and various unnamed FBI agents.
Episode/Season[s]: It's kind of AU (I have a...problem with normality) and kind of not, so I'd say something like Season 8.
Rating/Warning[s]: Around PG-13/T/idk wtf is up with ratings :\  (I lol fail at pr0n). Slightly AU, angst.
Summary: It's the little things she remembers when he's gone away.
Note: At the Quagmire (the first one :P) viewing party I committed myself to writing Scully/Mulder half-hearted sexy tiems under an umbrella. This would be what became of that. It's unbeta'd, so any mistakes are mine, and I wanted to get it up because </a></b></a>elapses won't poast unless I do. Eeep.