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April 16th, 2007

Challenge: Deep Throat

Concurrent with the Pilot Challenge, how about a side project? Deep Throat marks the first appearance of some XF staples: the shadowy informant whose motives are suspect, the Scully Ditch, the first random hanging out in the other agent's bed not influenced by mortal fear, the first Mulder!Torture, the first hint at the larger government/Consortium conspiracy... We could go on and on but we just started thinking about the Soopah Soljahs and now we're a little heartsick.

So. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write whatever you want, so long as you include one of those staples mentioned above. Any season, any characters, any pairing, any ratings, any kink... You get the idea.

Tie this in with your Pilot fic or leave it as a stand-alone, but whatever you do, remember:

a) we really like the porn around these parts
b) put any stories posted to the comm behind a cut
c) that's pretty much it.

The headers you'll need for posting are in the FAQ.

Happy writing!