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April 13th, 2007


Join the comm, friend it, or drop in when the mood strikes -- it's all good. We're just hoping to rekindle that spark, that old neon-green ember that's glowing somewhere down around where your heart used to be. Well, that or hoping that someone will write us some dirty, nasty (third-person) sexing that we won't be ashamed of reading when it's all said and done.

Feel free to post fics whenever you like, but we'll have semi-organized post-ep challenges every week after the viewing parties. The first one will go up on Sunday, after the Pilot episode.

(If you have no idea what these viewing parties are, just wait! We'll have an info post up soonish.)

Everything is welcome here, from gen and casefiles to M/Sk/Frohike and tentacle porn. Pull up a seat, ignore that specimen jar in the corner, and get to writing! And reading and reviewing and all that other good stuff, too, obviously.

Oh, and the layout will be changing as soon as we can crack this damned CSS. Who designed this thing anyway? Reticulans?